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DEEPAVALI - The Festival Of Lights

Majority of the Indians in Malaysia are Hindus by religion.  Only a minority of them is Muslims or Christians.  The first day of Deepavali is declared as a national public holiday in Malaysia.


Hindus pray to many gods with the belief that different gods have different supernatural powers and can get special blessings for health, wealth, prosperity, peace and harmony in the family after praying to the gods


DEEPAVALI is celebrated by all the Hindus and Sikhs in Malaysia, and oil lamps are lighted in the homes to signify victory over the evils. The oil lamp, or 'dipa', is a significant feature of Deepavali  and every home and temple are lighted up with oil lamps during the festive period. 


deepavali is the festival of lights for hindus


Preparations for Deepavali starts with spring cleaning of the house, and renovation if within financial means.  'Little India', a designated area for Indian retailers within the Business Centre of Georgetown Heritage zone, will be crowded with shoppers busily sourcing for religious merchandises, fashionable clothes, trinkets, exotic spices and decorative items for the house every year when Deepavali is getting near for celebration.


Deepavali celebration begins with wearing of new clothes and going to the temples for prayers and blessings. Most ladies will be clad in the traditional colourful sari or Punjabi suits.  Many varieties of tantalising Indian cuisine and spicy delicacies and snacks are prepared and served to visitors . 



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