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The Multi Racial Culture Of Malaysia

PENANG -  Annual Festive Celebrations By The Three Major Ethnic Races


PENANG, being part of Malaysia, is also a multi-ethnic living society and therefore, also a place where celebrations of various festive cultures are observed throughout the year.  The Chinese race is the highest population in Penang state, followed by the Malays and the Indians.


multi racial celebration of heritage festivals in malaysian culture

Each individual race has the freedom free to celebrate their religious and cultural festivals  in their own heritage style. Some major ethnic festivals are accepted and celebrated on a grand scale nation wide and being declared as public holidays for all other races to join in the fun of celebration together. Such atmosphere of united happiness, peace and harmony during any of the festive occasion is truly an envious achievement which other nations may wish to observe and learn from the people of Penang / Malaysia. It is nice to see a Chinese, an Indian and a Malay sitting under one roof and enjoying an open house feast.


High ranking state leaders and political parties usually initiate grand scale open house parties during major festive celebrations to promote  and enhance better understanding among all Malaysian citizens, irrespective of race or status under the proactive '1 MALAYSIA' concept. The Malaysians are supportive of '1 MALAYSIA'  concept celebration where the mixed races can be seen celebrating together whenever the invitation is open to the public.  Tourists who are visiting Penang and Kuala Lumpur city during the festive celebrations will also get the chance to participate and learn about these festive cultures as the invitation is not only open to Malaysian citizens, but to include visiting tourists as well.






The annual grand scale 'open house' festival celebrations by the concept of  '1 MALAYSIA' plan are :


CHINESE  NEW YEAR      /      HARI RAYA       /       DEEPAVALI


Visitors planning to visit Penang can look up Penang Festival Calendar before coming in order to see and experience Penang Heritage Culture Festival celebrations while on vacation holiday in Penang.  Malaysia is a colourful country with fascinating multi-cultural events which are held throughout the year in Penang.

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