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Penang is a food paradise and each style of  cuisine has its own identity, evidently affected by the rich cultural history of multi ethic races.  The secret spices added and their unique style of cooking produced the best hawker food, which be found along roadside stalls, coffee shops, and food courts


Penang Hawker Food

Assam Laksa

Rice noodle with Vegetables and sweet-sour spicy fish soup, and optional shrimp paste

Char Koay Teow Flat rice noodle fried with bean sprout, cockles, shrimp and egg
Chee Cheong Fun Steamed rolled rice noode mixed with chilli and shrimp paste
Chicken Rice Flavoured rice served with chicken and chilli sauce
Curry Mee Noodles in a bowl of coconut juice spicy soup, garnished with cockles, fish ball
Fried Oyster Fresh oyster fried in starch-like powder and egg
Hokkien Mee Noodles in spicy shrimp soup,garnished with egg, fried onions, meat & prawn
Koay Teow Th'ng Flat rice noodle in chicken fish ball soup
Indian Mee Goreng Indian style fried noodle, spicy taste
Jawa Mee Chinese style cooked noodle with tomato sauce gravy
Lor Bak Deep fried meat roll with a mixture of bean curd, garlic and yam
Muar Chee Cooked Glutinous rice cake with crushed peanuts
Popiah Spring roll wrapped with lettuce, crab meat, bean curd and cook turnip
Pasembor Vegetable salad dressed in spicy sauce
Satay Marinated meat grilled until cook and taken with spicy peanut sauce gravy


Penang Dessert Specials

Cendol & Ais Kacang Short green noodles with red beans, coconut milk, syrup and shaved ice
Green Coconut Serving of the whole coconut fruit with a straw to sip the juice, fresh and green
Blended Fruit Juice Local tropical fruit juice blended with milk and ice
Rojak Varieties of local fruits mixed with spicy shrimp paste

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