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penang nasi kandar is halal food for muslims


Nasi Kandar is an Indian-Muslim cuisine, with rice being the main meal and accompanied by a wide variety of hot and spicy curry dishes.  This is authentically Penang 'halal' food with is most suitable for Muslim visitors.  Rice can be cooked plainly and served as white rice, or cooked with special recipes such as 'nasi tomato' and 'nasi briyani'.  The other dishes which can be taken together with a rice meal are mainly curry dishes.  They include curry chicken, curry beef, squids, fish, egg, crabs, prawns other food ingredients except pork and mutton.  The curry ingredients used by the Indian-Muslim cooks contain special spices brought in from India. 


For those who do not like rice, they can try 'roti canai', 'naan' and 'murtabak' which can be considered as pastry, except that butter is not used and they are not crispy. Visit one of the Nasi Kandar food restaurant and you will get a better idea of what they taste like.  It is also interesting to watch the process of preparation at the food counters when you order them.


Nasi kandar originated during the olden days when the Indian hawkers balanced (Kandar) a long pole on their shoulders with two big baskets of rice and dishes, one basket each at the end part of the pole.  They balanced the two baskets on their shoulders and walked from one place to another to sell Nasi Kandar to regular customers.


Today Nasi Kandar food are served at hawker food stalls, food courts and big restaurants.  The bigger restaurants serve more varieties of dishes and have developed into franchise chains in many other states of Malaysia.  Nasi Kandar food is not only liked by the Indians and Malays, but also the Chinese as well.


Where To Find Nasi Kandar Food

The major Nasi Kandar restaurants can be found around at the city areas of Georgetown city, Penang beach regions, Sunshine Square area, Giant Hypermarket, Tesco Hypermarket, Queensbay Mall surroundings and Auto City Juru on the mainland part of Penang. 

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