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Penang Famous Nyonya Food

Nyonya cuisine is marriage of Chinese cooking style with Malay ingredients and condiments.  This mix of race and culture started when the Chinese immigrants settlers married local Malay woman and give rise to the first generation of mixed Chinese-Malays known as Peranakan.  The male are referred to as Baba and the female as Nyonya.  Hence, Nyonya cuisine consist of a blend of both Malay and Chinese flavours, the flavour being tangy/sour to taste. 

penang nyonya food consist of malay and chinese flavours Some of the well know nyonya food include pandan chicken(marinated with spices and wrapped in pandan leaf), otak-otak (spicy fish meat wrapped in banana leaf) ,perut ikan (sourish fish stew marinated and preserved with special herbal spices), fish head curry, sambal goreng, curry kapitan (fragrant dried chicken curry) and itik tim (duck stew with salted vegetables).

Nyonya dessert food consist of colourful and sweet kuih (cake), mostly prepared by steaming and not oven baking. To prepare authentic Nyonya food need a lot of skill and patience.  Tasting Nyonya cuisine is like appreciating its art of cooking.


Where To Find Authentic Nyonya Food Restaurants in Georgetown

Hot Wok Restaurant Tel : 04-227 3368 Heritage house along Jalan Burma ( Near Nagore Place )
Mama's Nyonya Food Tel : 04-229 1318 3- D, Lorong Abu Siti  (off Jalan Burma )
Dragon King Restaurant Tel : 04-261 8035 99  Lebuh Bishop
Nyonya Secrets Tel : 04-227 5289 32  Service Road
Nyonya Breeze Straits Quay

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