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Roti Bakar Kopitiam is an air-conditioned outlet which offers a variety of delectable and authentic Penang food.

Offering a wide range of meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the outlets also provide locals a nice and cosy ambience to catch up with their friends.

A very suitable place for tourist who do not like hot and stuffy environment at food court centres and coffee-shops.

 Here tourist can enjoy delectable local cuisine and price is reasonably fixed. Power points are install around the table areas for charging your laptops and  there free access to WIFI broadband service.

'Iced White Coffee' is the signature drink choice at Roti Bakar Kopitiam, brewed from 100 % white coffee from Ipoh town.


Kopitiam Special Cuisine

The Curry Chicken Wan Tan Mee, Nasi Rendang Chicken and Roti Bakar Cheese are the signature dishes like by most of the local customers. The Curry Chicken Wan Tan Mee is a combination of Wan Tan Mee and Spicy Curry Chicken.

For those looking for Malay cuisine, try the Nasi Rendang Chicken and rice which is cooked to perfection with pandan leaves.  The dish set comes with a chicken thigh and drumstick as well as peanuts, anchovies,  egg and a few slices of cucumbers.

For something light instead, you can opt for Roti Bakar Cheese which has melted cheese baked on a slice of bread.

Feel the cheese oozing out when you take a bite of the crispy bread.  Specially recommended for those who like cheese.

Location Of  Roti Bakar Kopitiam Branches
Penang Time Square Mall , Jalan Dato Kramat , Georgetown  
Ivory  Plaza ( Opposite USM ), Halaman Bukit Gambir   
Jalan Gemilang, Jelutong  

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