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Where To Find Penang Famous SeaFood Restaurants 

penang food -  seafood restaurants Penang being an island surrounded by the sea waters and together with the strip of coastal mainland in peninsula Malaysia, is indeed blessed with abundance of seafood.  Eating seafood in Penang is comparative much cheaper and more fresh. They can be grilled, steamed or simply cooked with spices.  The freshness of the seafood is always retained before being cooked.  Don't be surprised to see living crabs, fish, shrimps, and various shelled seafood at the mini aquarium of the seafood restaurant.  This is a special opportunity for you to pick and choose  your favourite food from the mini aquarium before placing your menu orders. 


There are three specific areas where you can get a wide variety of local seafood at very competitive price, except the serving environment may not be fully air-conditioned and less impressive.  The locations are at :

Teluk Bahang
At the end of Jalan Batu Ferringhi, near the round-about in Teluk Bahang (North-West Penang) The place there is know as ' End Of The World '
Teluk Tempoyak
Drive along 'Dr Lim Chong Eu' coastal highway until you reach Batu Maung district in the south-western part of Penang island. Drive straight after the traffic lights and be on the look out for 'Teluk Tempoyak' road sign board on the left-hand side.
Bukit Tambun
(Mainland Penang)

About 15 minutes drive after crossing Penang Bridge, drive towards the the North-South Highway on the right-hand side, going towards the direction of Kuala Lumpur & Ipoh.  Be on the look out for Bukit Tambun signboad on the left-hand side.
In Bukit Tambun, you will find many restaurants serving seafood.
Batu Ferringhi Eden Seafood Village Restaurant



If you can afford and would like to enjoy eating seafood in a more comfortable environment, you should drop by 'EDEN SEAFOOD VILLAGE' in Batu Ferringhi, along Penang beach regions in the northern part.  Here you may wine and dine with a wide choice of both Asian and Western seafood cuisine.  There may be musical performance at the restaurant .  This is really an ideal place for you to drink wine while enjoying the best sea food cuisine.


For more information on other seafood restaurants around Penang island, visit " Penang Famous Restaurants ".

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