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The coconut tree had been referred as 'kappa rickshaw' in ancient India and was known as a booster for immunization, antiviral, antibacterial, antibiotic and anti fungal remedies. Advanced developments in medical research revealed that the coconut fruit contains massive health benefits related to stabilizing sugar level in blood, lowering bad cholesterol, replacement of blood plasma, hydration and many other healing benefits. It was reported that the juice present in fresh coconuts had been treated as plasma transfusion for injured soldiers during emergency cases of World War II.


Nutritions Of Coconut

The antioxidant and anti bacterial properties of the coconut are also used for improving digestion, building cells, regulating body hormones, anti-wrinkle control treatments to maintain youthfulness, thyroid treatments, weight loss improvement menu, memory loss treatments and metabolism treatments.

The natural coconut water obtained from the inside of the fruit pulp within the shell and husk protective layer, is full of health benefits. It takes about 8 to 9 months to filter a quart of coconut water, the natural process through which the liquid becomes completely sterilized and pure, and can be used for medical transfusion of blood. Coconut water has very high concentration of electrolytes, classified as a natural source for hydration treatments.

The usefulness and health benefits of the coconut can be explained at preliminary stages when the fruit is still young, with green coloured husk, which is a rather thick protective layer. The inner shell of the fruit, though hard, but not as hard as those of a fully matured or old coconut. The flesh pulp layer of a green coconut is a thin layer, soft and jelly-like, and very nutritious and usually taken together with chilled coconut water. The flesh pulp can be scraped with a spoon when the whole fruit is served on the table. The flesh pulp is thicker if the fruit is plucked at a latter stage or when the fruit is more matured and grows older.

Green coconuts have a long survival period and hardly drops off from the tree. If left to continue its growth without plucking, the fruits gets older with the husk colour turning yellow, and then brown at the later stage. The flesh pulp of brown husked old coconuts are much thicker and harder. These white thick flesh pulp can be grated and squeezed to obtain fresh white coconut milk for kitchen use.. Coconut milk can be used as an ingredient in many recipes for cooking and baking.

Coconut oil and coconut cream are useful industrial products which can be processed from fully ripened old coconut flesh pulp. Coconut oil when applied on the skin as a moisturizer helps in anti-aging and keeps the hair healthy and shiny when applied after washing. The results are visible as many Indians use coconut oil for their hair and most of them have black shiny hair. Use of coconut oil for cooking is comparatively more healthy as it does not form dangerous fatty acids. Formation of fatty acids within our body can increase cholesterol level, thereby restricting normal blood flow. Coconut oil contains important antioxidant compounds which help build strong cells required by the body organs to function properly. It also helps in enhancing thyroid function and boost of body metabolism, the 2 main essentials for more effective contribution to weight control and reduction. Protection of the teeth and gum by rubbing them with fresh coconut oil is an effective and natural dental treatment. And coconut cream rubbed on the skin can naturally replenish the skin with youthful and healthy complexion.


Green Coconuts

Green coconuts are comparatively the best, containing very pure unsaturated fat, offering the most essential nutrients for rejuvenating the body. This natural food can be ordered as a beverage from the drinks menu, with the whole fresh green coconut served with a straw for you to sip the wonderful coconut water. Elsewhere you can buy whole fruit for later consumption from the market place and roadside stalls. This tropical fruit is available all the year round, fresh and considerably cheap. Try green coconut drinks and taste the jelly-like flesh whenever you travel to Penang or any other tropical countries..

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