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TROPICAL FRUITS - Longan Fruit ' Mata Kucing ' 

Longan Fruit  -  Seasonal Tropical Fruit

The scientific name for Longan fruit is 'Dimocarpus Longan'. Longan trees bear fruit at about the same time as the lychee trees. The origin of longan tree is from India and South-East Asian countries, and they can grow to a tall height of 67 metres before bearing fruits. Sandy soil is required for growing them.


dimocarpus longan is a succulent tropical fruit  During the season for bearing fruits, you will see bundles of the longan fruit displayed along roadside fruit stalls and in hypermarkets. The fruit is fresh with firm succulent white flesh and selling at reasonably cheap. A rare species of longan known as the Fijian Longan (pometia pinnata) has been discovered growing in abundance at the Penang Tropical Fruit Farm in Jalan Teluk Bahang, Penang. The fruit takes about 3 - 4 to mature before bearing the unique fruit specie which is black when ripe, and diameter of the fruit can range from 1 - 4.5 cm.


Local Malays give longan fruit the name of 'mata kucing', meaning cat's eye as the fruit has a small black seed housed within the white translucent flesh. The flesh of the fruit is regarded as antidote for poison. A decoction of the dried longan flesh is used to treat insomnia and neurotics. The leaves are also used as herbs for traditional medicinal treatments. The seeds are used to control cases of heavy sweating while the pulverized kernel shell contains tannin and fat, to serve as sceptics.




Surplus harvest of this fruit are sold to canning factories to produced canned longan with sugar syrup as preservatives.  Cold drinks and deserts with longan are prepared from these canned longan which are available from the hypermarket shelves all the year round.


But it would be much more preferable to eat plenty of the fresh succulent fruit during the fruit bearing season in Malaysia.

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