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MANGOSTEEN FRUIT  -   Seasonal  Type

The  MANGOSTEEN  is  an  exotic  fruit, scientifically known as 'Garcinia Mangostan'. They are grown in tropical rainforest of tropical countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka and India. Climatic conditions required are hot and wet as in the tropical regions.

Mangosteen trees grow erect to a maximum height of about 50 feet, and starts bearing fruits when reaching an approximate height of 20 feet. The colour of a ripe mangosteen is deep purple, round in shape, with green coloured calyx at the stem when fresh. Size of the fruit varies from 5 - 8 cm in diameter. Care must be taken when squeezing open a mangosteen as the yellow latex liquid from the outer rind can leave behind permanent stains on your clothes,

due to lack of awareness.

The internal part of the fruit is the edible portion where the colour of the flesh is as white as snow, and in arranged in segments. Each segment of the flesh is succulent but firm, and has a seed which is not edible. The flavour of mangosteen is slightly acidic. Well nourished mangosteen trees growing in good soil can produce mangosteen fruits that are vey sweet to taste and with some kind of familiar fruit fragrance.

When opening the mangosteen, just use your thumb and index finger to press the top and bottom portion of the outer rind and it will open up nicely into 2 parts.  Local Penangites usually eat the fruit after eating durians to help in digestion and minimise the strong odour of durian from their mouth breath; and also believed that mangosteen can help reduce accumulated heat within their body.

Mangosteen Fruit Nutrition

Mangosteen fruits are rich in dietary fibre, so good for cleaning the bowels if you are suffering from constipation. They do not contain any saturated fats or cholesterol and are most suitable for those who are afraid of gaining excess weight. Eating mangosteen will enable you to get a good source essential nutrients such as :vitamin C, vitamin-C (antioxidant function), B-complex group vitamins ( help metabolize proteins, fats, carbohydrates), manganese, magnesium, potassium (help regulate and control heart functions). Our body need all these essential nutrients to help us maintain healthy growth and free from deficiency diseases.


The flesh of mangosteen is juicy and sweet to eat by itself, or complement them together with other tropical fruits for more appealing varieties on the table.  Alternatively if you can order blended mangosteen juice to quench your thirst.


Don't miss the good opportunity of replenishing your body with plenty of natural essential nutrients by eating lots of mangosteen during the fruit season when they are fresh and much cheaper to buy.


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