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WATERMELON   -   Non-seasonal Tropical Fruit

Watermelon is a tropical fruit and the plant grows as vines creeping on the ground like pumpkins and cantaloupes. The origin of watermelon is Southern Africa states.  It was easy to spread to other part of the tropical regions as the plant could be easily be germinated from seeds and grew very fast on sandy soil  with enough water.

Developments in Agricultural research have produced watermelon of various sizes and shape.  The colour and texture of the outer skin also varies from the original fruit now. The edible flesh colour can be pink, red or yellow; and either with seed or seedless type. Watermelon plants grown in rich soil produce sweet juicy fruit which can serve be served as juice drinks without adding sugar or honey.


Watermelon Fruit Nutrition

Eating Watermelon readily quenches thirst due to its high water content, and at the same time boost up the body with rich vitamins and anti-oxidant nutrients. Nutrients found in water melon are vitamin A, vitamin -B6, vitamin B-1, vitamin -C, manganese and potassium. Vitamin nutrients and manganese minerals are essential for maintaining healthy body functions and prevention from infectious diseases and harmful radicals. Potassium help takes care of the heart organ by regulating blood flow and heart beat.


Watermelon Preparation And Serving

Juicy watermelon are heavier by weight. It is best to wash the watermelon thoroughly and chill it in the fridge before cutting them into slices for serving. Scooping watermelon into small balls with a spoon creates attractive garnishing.  Watermelon is also used to make fruit punch drinks or served together other tropical fruits to create variety choices. Cut watermelon should be covered as long exposure can spoil the taste of the fruit.

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