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Tropical Fruits Available In Penang Market

Local  fruits are tropical fruits that are grown in Penang and other states in Malaysia as the country lies within the tropical zone, where the climate condition is hot and wet all the year round.  But some of the local tropical fruits are harvested and available only at certain time of the year, while others are available throughout the year due to short bearing and ripening period.


TROPICAL FRUITS  -  Seasonal Type

  Durian Rambutan Mangosteen
  Mango Langsat Cempedak

These 6 types of  seasonal local fruits apparently ripen around the same time of the year in Malaysia. Hence, you will then be able to find an abundance these 6 type tropical fruit at the fruit stalls, when arriving at the ripening season, around April to June month.


TROPICAL  FRUITS  -  Non-Seasonal Type

  Banana Green Coconut Papaya
  Dragon Fruit Honey Dew Watermelon
  Star Fruit Pineapple Jack Fruit  ( Nangka )


Non-seasonal fruits are available throughout the year. Always fresh and nutritious.


Visitors can visit Penang Tropical Fruit Farm to see the various types of rare tropical fruit trees and select the preferred fruits by plucking them directly from the trees.


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