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  CHOWRASTA WET MARKET is located at Jalan Penang (Penang Road) in Georgetown, Penang. Going to the wet market to procure groceries and cooking ingredients on daily basis have been a living heritage of the senior citizens, especially housewives. The market stalls can supply a wide complete range of cooking groceries ranging from food, fruits, vegetables, live chicken that are slaughtered upon purchase request, meat, fish, crabs and all kinds of shelled seafood.
The market place is most busy during the early morning hours from 7.00 - 9.30 am . Most of the housewives usually plan to finish off their marketing cores as early as possible so that there is sufficient time to start preparation and cook food for the family's lunch meal in order to ready by noon.





chowrasta wet market located at jalan penang, georgetown
Chowrasta Market, Jalan Penang

Fishmonger Stall
chowrasta wet market scene, georgetown
Open air market stalls

Fruit Stall
the malay word for chowrasta market is pasar chowrasta
Meeting place of local housewives
scene of heritage living culture at chowrasta wet market
Grocery Stalls

live poultry stall at chowrasta wet market, jalan penang
Live Chicken Stall
marketing at chowrasta wet martket, georgetown
Sundry Shop
pork shop at chowrasta market, penang
Pork Stall


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