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  JALAN BURMA (BURMA ROAD) is situated within the buffer zone of Georgetown Heritage city in Penang. Tall roadside trees aligned both sides of the road, providing shade and transforming the street into an urban green environment. Most the side road names are associated with the Burmese existence, namely Bangkok Lane, Lorong Burma, Salween Road, Moulmein Close, Rangoon Road, Mandalay Road and Irrawaddy Road.

The heritage and religious landmarks along Burma Road are Chinese Temple of the Nine-Emperor God, Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Wesley Methodist Church, Burmah Road (Cantonese) Gospel Hall and Catholic Church of Immaculate Conception. The 'Wat Chayamangkalaram' Buddhist temple of the Reclining Buddha is located off Burma Road, at Lorong Burma. This Thai buddhist temple is a popular site which draws a large crowd during the annual Songkran Festival.



Lok-thye-kee is a restored heritage building located at the junction of burma road
Delapidated heritage building of Lok-Thye-Kee before and after restoration in 2012 ;  Temple of Nine Emperor God
new world park food court and fast food outlets
New World Park Food Court and the adjoining low cost Tune Hotel premises


1926 heritage hotel facing Burmah road gospel church
         Him Heang Tau-Sar-Pneah                   Burmah Road Gospel Church                    1926 Heritage Hotel
adventist hospital located next to embasy of Indonesia republic
     Convent Pulau Tikus               Catholic Church                Adventist Hospital                   Embassy Of Indonesia Rep


Location Map Of Jalan Burma (Burma Road) In GeorgeTown, Penang 

street map of jalan burma location in georgetown 

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