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Specifications  Of  Natural  Gas  Fuel  For  'NGV'

The term 'NGV' refers to 'Natural Gas Vehicle' which runs on the specially developed natural gas fuel.  Natural gas fuel is compressed and stored in cylinders as similar to those used in households, commercial and industrial units.  The cylinders are designed  and strongly built so they are less hazardous in case of collision.  For safety requirements, they are exposed to withstand severe impact by test on gun shots, collisions, fires, extreme heat and  extreme high pressure. Compressed natural gas ( CNG ), unlike petroleum based fuel, dissipates into the atmosphere in the event of an accident.


Currently there are only 3 gas stations for refilling services and they are located in the mainland region of Penang, but there should be more of such service facilities coming up when more local vehicles are converted to NGV type.

Lot 93, Kawasan Perindustrian Prai
Prai 13600
Province Wellesley, Penang
Phone: 04-3903603
PETRONAS Bukit Minyak
Lot 3691, Bukit Tengah
Seberang Prai
Province Wellesley, Penang
Phone: 04-5011565
Taman Pauh Jaya
Bukit Mertajam 13500
Province Wellesley, Penang
Phone: 04-398 7950



The storage of  compressed  natural gas (CNG) is similar to that of a car petrol tank, attached to rear, top, or undercarriage of the vehicle in a tube shaped storage tank. Refilling natural gas is also similar to refilling of petrol at the pump station. Modification and installation of additional components are required before a vehicle can run on both natural gas and petrol fuel.

Benefits Of Natural Gas Fuel For 'NGV'

Use of natural gas as fuel will not cause any damage to the car engine. Unlike petrol driven vehicles, the combustion of NGV gas is more complete and leaves very little residue of carbon. Hence, engine oil change period can be extended to longer intervals. Spark plug life and other engine parts such as rings and oil filter, will also be prolonged.  Overall maintenance cost of the vehicle is reduced and the exhaust system remain cleaner for an extended period.


NGV is an environmental friendly fuel and has been proven to be lighter than air. It is suitable for all vehicles. Its consumption is more economic without compromising on quality.  NGV fuel cost savings can be as much as 70% when compared to petrol consumption cost.  Environment protection is enhanced with less carbon monoxide emission from NGV. The government has proactively reduced annual road tax of  NGV as incentive to encourage more conversion of natural gas vehicles in Malaysia. More vehicles are expected to convert to NGV type in the near future.

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