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In Malaysia, petrol fuel is available in two variants: Ron 97, a high-octane premium unleaded petrol ;  Ron 95, a lower octane unleaded petrol (minimum RON 95).  RON is the abbreviation used for  'Research Octane Number'.

Previous to the introduction of Ron 95, petrol had been available in two RON grades, that is Ron92 and Ron 97; the prices of both variants had then been subsidised. In line with the Malaysian government economic mandate, only Ron 95 petrol will continue to be subsidised and more stable. Without subsidy from the government, the pump price of RON97 petrol will fluctuate according to world market oil price. And only cars with Malaysia registered number plates are eligible to get supply for RON95 petrol at subsidised price.

The level of octane contents in petrol is indicated by the code number such as 95 and 97. Basically, the engine system of  the car will not be affected by using petrol of lower RON. Information required to confirm the compatibility of RON rating with your car engine system should be available from the car manual or the petrol filler lid.

Avoid mixing both RON95 with RON97 as having 2 different RON levels may affect optimal efficiency of your car due to loss of power. Many car vehicles have run smoothly on RON95 without performance problems. RON is just a standard for measuring the fuel ability to resist abnormal burning up and generate energy until the exact time it should occur during the process of combustion. Hence, longer period of resistance to burning up until spark ignites is expected from RON97.



Latest Fuel Price At Petrol Pump Station

As At 4th Sept  2013 Rm 2.70 / Litre Rm 2.10 / Litre Rm 2.10 / Litre

Petrol Pump Stations

BHP Caltex Petron Petronas Shell
Inifiniti Advanced 2X  Ron97 Techron D Ron97 Synergy F-1 PRIMAX 97 V-Power 97
Inifiniti Advanced 2X Ron 95 Techron D Ron 95 Synergy 5000 PRIMAX 95 XTRA FuelSave 95


Only one type of diesel is available at any of the above six petrol pump stations


Petrol stations can be easily located around the city areas in the island and mainland region of Penang. But if you are driving away from the city areas, it is advisable to check and ensure that your petrol fuel level is not too low.  The location of the petrol station becomes more remote when driving away from the city. 


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