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Penang Rapid Mobile Service

The main public bus transport provider 'Rapid Penang' has come out with the innovative idea of promoting its transport services to young commuters in Penang by launching the 'Rapid Mobile'. It is also an initiative to enhance on environment protection for a cleaner and greener city.

'Rapid Mobile' is complete with state-of-the-art music sound system and anybody can just go aboard to try the lounge-like environment and be entertained by smoothing music in the background. The bus would be parked in strategic areas around Georgetown. It simply provides entertainment on wheels and in line with the continuous effort to change Penang people's perception of public bus transport efficiency system.

It is a unique service and anyone can just hop on to chill in the lounge, enjoy some snacks or drinks, watch or play games on big LCD screens, and even login to the internet for free surfing in the state-of-the-art music environment.

Rapid Mobile will be around whenever there is any happening event in Penang island or mainland.
Information on location of the mobile bus is updated through the internet to facilitate access by mobile phone users through broadband services.


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