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The steel rod caricatures installed around George Town UNESCP World Heritage Site are Penang’s latest tourist attractions. Foreign and local tourists have been flocking to photograph of the witty sculptures installed all over the inner city. 


Caricature Sculpture Sites Around GeorgeTown Heritage City

Stewart Lane ;  Muntri Street ;  Muntri Street/Leith Street ;  Kimberly Street ;  Prangin Lane ;
Kimberley Street / Sungai Ujong Road ;  Victoria Street ;  King Street ;  Market Lane ;  Love Lane ;
Rope Walk ;  Carnarvon Street/Carnarvon Lane ;  Transfer Road ;  Jalan Kuala Kangsar ;  Prangin Road Ghaut ;
Acheh Street ;  Malay Street/Fish Lane ;  Weld Quay ;  Seck Chuan Lane ;   Jalan Mesjid Kapitan Keling
China Street/Jalan Mesjid Kapitan Keling ;  Soo Hong Lane ;  Armenian Street ;


Each of the witty sculpture graphic relates the lifestyles of the early immigrants during the early 20th century in the heritage city of GeorgeTown, Penang. The early local folk stories for some of these exhibited sculptures have very deep and complex meanings which only the older generation locals can understand. Visit the site to take photographs and read the text at scene of the sculptures. Perhaps you can then compile a humourous folklore related to the heritage era. Read selected Caricature folklores

Selected Humourous Scene Of The Caricature Sculptures 
caricature of jimmy choo in georgetown,penang caricature sculpture at muntri street in georgetown,penang

caricature sculpture at china street in georgetown,penang caricature sculptures around georgetown unesco heritage site


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