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Penang Heritage Festival - Chingay

'CHINGAY' is believed to have originated from China.  Gradually it has become one of the cultural events and an integral component of the state's heritage in Penang.  Chingay art performance is held whenever there is any auspicious celebrations, particularly during the year end  Pesta Pulau Pinang  festival.

chingay art performance during pesta pulau pinang The meaning of chingay is 'real art' as translated from local hokkien dialect, which is a major dialect of the Chinese community in Penang. Chingay performance is a skilled art of balancing a giant sized flag which can possibly measure up to 40 feet in height.  It is not just as simple as balancing the flag on ground level, but the flag bearer has to balance it upright and at the same time perform various acrobatic tricks and stunts.

Over the years, the original Chinese culture of Chingay in Penang has transformed in a multi racial cultural event where skilled participants are not only the Chinese, but also from the Indian and Malay community.  It has become a significant event which promotes goodwill and better understanding among the different ethnic race.


During the year end Pesta Pulau Pinang Festival, skilled chingay masters from other states in Malaysia also come to join in the street procession of chingay performances.  It is indeed a colourful flag balance performances with various flag sizes and colours, each representing different states or the participating companies which have sponsored the expenses incurred for the training and time.

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