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Penang Church Buildings Of British Colonial Influence In GeorgeTown Heritage Site

heritage church buildings around georgetown,penang

Penang people, whether staying around the urban city centre or in the rural island regions, live in harmony and each ethnic race has the freedom to believe in their own religion.


Places for worship and prayers are scattered around the major residential housing estates.  But those buildings which were built by the early immigrants would be located in the surroundings of Georgetown heritage city.  The architectural design of each building is unique.


Penang Sightseeing Tips :                                       

The four church buildings that were built during the 19th century are recommended for visiting if you    wish to the architectural design of the early British  colonial influences.                                                 


Church Location Construction
Cathedral Of The Assumption Lebuh Farquhar ( Heritage Zone ) 1861
St George's Church Lebuh Farquhar ( Heritage Zone ) 1819
Church Of Holy Name Of Jesus Balik Pulau ( Hillside ) 1871
St Anne Sanctuary Church Bukit Mertajam  ( Mainland ) 1888
Burmah Road Gospel Hall Jalan Burma , Georgetown 1938
Cantonese Methodist Church Jalan Road , Georgetown 1967 ;  For Cantonese dialect community
Church Of Our Lady Of Sorrow Jalan Road 1958 Catholic church
St Paul's Church Jalan Road 1930
Wesley Methodist Church Jalan Larut , Georgetown 1912
Georgetown Baptist Church Jalan Larut 1956
Church Of The Immaculate Concept Pulau Tikus , Georgetown 1899
Madras Lane Chinese Methodist Church
Lorong Madras ,  Georgetown
Mainly for Hokkien dialect community


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