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PENANG HERITAGE AND CULTURE - Georgetown Heritage Site

Penang Georgetown - Listed In UNESCO World Heritage Site Record Since Year 2008


georgetown heritage and cultural festivals in penang Being known as the 'Pearl Of The Orient', Penang stories breathe and live in the historical sites, events, arts and culture.  Penang has strong and lively arts and culture in Georgetown capital city and you can see their imprint wherever you travel around the heritage city in the small island.

The relaxed pace of life, lack of pretension, energetic and connected art scene have attracted those who have left Penang earlier, to come back home and stay on in Penang.  The living culture which is enriched with a mix of Chinese, Indian, Malay and Western influences is simply amazing and unique. It is also interesting to find out more about the origin Georgetown Heritage Site in Penang by Walking Tour on Car Free Day, which is fixed on every Sunday. 

Taking a novelty ride on the 2-seater trishaw offers the option to view the GeorgeTown city surroundings in leisure pace.

Penang History During Bristish Rule  

Captain Francis Light's History As The Founder Of Penang In 1786

Penang Historical Heritage

Penang Heritage And Cultural Festivals



Caricature Sculptures  Of GeorgeTown Heritage Lifestyle George Town Festival 30 Days Celebration Events On  Heritage Culture & UNESCO Heritage Site
More Caricature Sculpture Scenes And Location Sites Hari Raya  -  Muslim New Year Celebration Day
Famous Heritage Temples Deepavali   - New Year Day For The Hindus
Heritage British Colonial Architectural Church Buildings Chinese New Year - 15 Days Of Celebration
Georgetown Heritage Holy Places - Street Of Harmony Wesak Day Celebration - Buddhist holy celebration
Selected  Famous Heritage Mansion Buildings Dragon Boat Festival  - Recognised Internationally
Rifle Range Flats - Early Generation Heritage Lifestyle Dumpling Festival ( Duan Wu Jie ) -  Rice Dmplings
Penang Heritage Cafes - Redeveloped Dilapidated Houses Hungry-Ghost Festival - Legend Of Roaming Ghosts
Penang Living Culture - Main Roads Around Georgetown Thaipusam Festival - Holy Celebration Of The Hindus
Heritage Trishaw Ride - Free And Easy Sightseeing Tour Moon Cake Festival  - Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival
Penang Ferry  - Economical Sea Tour On Your Own Penang Chingay Festival - Giant Flag Performances
Penang Musuem  & Art GalleriesHeritage Collections Winter Soltice Festival ( Dong Zhi, for coming winter )

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