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PENANG - Mid-Autumn Festival / Moon Cake Festival


The second Mid-Autumn FestoRama @ The Pearl of the Orient 2013 event  is being planned to take place in  Lebuh Pantai (Beach Street) on Sept 15, to take visitors down memory lane through its Old Shanghai theme. Parts Lebuh Pantai, Lebuh Bishop Street and China Street Ghaut will decorated with lanterns and colourful lights for the event. The event will include a showcase of Golden Old Shang­hai Musical show featuring Taiwanese group Feng Hua Ai Xian, local talent Musly Ramly who will perform as the late Tan Sri P. Ramlee and dancers from Darwen To­­lentino. The event will showcase a variety of cultural activities between 3pm and 11pm.

mid-autumn festival is also moon-cake festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival is heritage celebration by most of the Chinese people in Penang.  The annual festival falls  on the 15th day of the 8th month according to the Lunar calendar. 


Today the festival is celebrated by majority of the Chinese, irrespective of  whether they are Buddhist, Taoist or Christian by religion.  Before the approach of the festive day, colourful lanterns and moon cakes baked from various recipe flavours are sold shops, bakeries and shopping malls, especially in areas where the Chinese community is concentrated. 


Penang people being friendly and easy-going, start sending moon-cakes to close friends, relatives and business associates as a gesture to enhance and foster closer relationship.  Those who left Penang to earn a living in other neighbouring states of Malaysia or Singapore, would gladly welcome the coming festival as it an opportunity for them to plan a home trip for visits to their parents or close family members. 


Pre-school children enjoy lighting lanterns and walking around their home surroundings every night, with their friends around the nearby neighbourhood.  And Mid-Autumn Festival is also known as 'Lantern Festival' or 'Mooncake Festival'.  The kids get to enjoy the festive event for almost 2 weeks, starting from the 1st day of the 8th month.


The innovations of developing new recipes and baking of rich enticing flavoured moon-cakes have now become an important food industry as our products are now exported to many other Asian countries. 

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