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PENANG HERITAGE CULTURE - Caricature Sculptures In Georgetown

Penang - Caricature Sculptures Of Heritage Living Style Memories

Visiting George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site in Penang is not only an interesting journey, but also full of humour.  Twenty-Four witty caricature sculptures have been installed at the various buildings around the heritage surroundings in Georgetown, while the remaining 25 sculptures are expected to complete installation by December'13.


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Penang Caricature Locations


Scene Of Heritage Living Style As Displayed In The Sculptures : 
Caricature Sculpture Around George Town Heritage Site

Location : China Street Heritage Core Zone

Caricature sculpture of a 'Tok-tok' mee hawker selling noodles at the stall. Back in the 1960's period, a pair of handy-sized bamboo stick would be used by every roadside noodle hawker to produce a 'tok-tok' sound, which was known as a signal of the hawker's arrival and presence at the stall.



 The displayed sculptures truly depict early heritage style of living in Penang, bringing back memories in the 20th century after world war II. Visiting tourists and holiday makers from other peninsula states found them amusing and  informative.  It is really an innovative way to educate the public about Penang's living history without being boring.


Humourous Folk Stories Related To Some Of The Caricature Sculptures


The Labourer to Trader sculpture at Chowrasta Market .  Featuring two traders skilfully carrying their wares on their heads. Very busy traders carrying baskets on their heads were a common sight in those days.

At Weld Quay, one can laugh at be tickled and immortalized by sailors and port workers crying out for water after tucking into a plate of hot and spicy noodles.

Paper effigy of limousine for the afterlife ’ sculpture at Carnarvon Street pays homage to the artisans catering for needs of the deceased in the afterlife.

The Cantonese's famous quote of  'Yat Keok Pek’ (literally translated as one-foot-kicks-all in Cantonese) sculpture at Muntri Street depicts an amah (Cantonese domestic servants from China) going about her daily duties from 'A to Z' in kungfu-style!

The Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling 'Bullock Cart Wheel’ sculpture features a bullock cart with antique half-cent coins as wheels, meaning that the value of the coin is as big as the wheel.

The Cow and Fish sculpture at Malay Street shows a cow running away from the slaughterhouse and a woman chasing after a cat stealing her fish...referred to as the cow slaughtering place.

At Acheen Street, the escape’ sculpture along an old go-down shows an escape rope dangling from the window .  The place was originally a jailhouse.

A trader on a small sampan professing his love to a young girl staring down from her bedroom window.  A design of Prangin Road Ghaut as the waterway’ in sculpture .


The concept of the sculptures was inspired by the voices of the people.  They relate humorous stories of  how the streets got those funny nicknames when translated in their own dialects.


More sculptures will be put up in stages around George Town by the first half of 2013 to create awareness about the historical and cultural identity of some of the local sites in the city. The sculpture design work were created by a local sculpture designing company which won the UNESCO World Heritage Site idea competition. Research had been carried out carefully to ensure that the sculptures are based on historical facts of the unique background in every street before inserting the humourous steel rod caricatures to it funny and memorable.

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