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Wesak Day is considered as a holy celebration for the Buddhists as the day commemorates with Lord Buddha's birth, enlightenment and death. Wesak day celebration activities have been observed as an act of paying homage to Lord Buddha. Before his death, Lord Buddha advised his disciples not to cry over the disintegration of his physical body, but to follow and spread his teachings. His teachings explains that only the Dhamma truth is eternal. Buddha stressed that offering flowers and burning incense and candles are not the only way to pay homage to him as a teacher and advise them to sincerely follow and practise his teachings. Hence, all Buddhist devotees vowed and strived to lead noble lives, practise generousity, kindness and promote peace and harmony among humanity.

wesak day is a holy celebration for the Buddhist On Wesak Day, Buddhist temples around Penang chant prayers for global peace and to bring happiness to those who are less fortunate. Devotees donate generously in the form of cash for charity and help around in of support the noble activities organised on Wesak day. It is a belief that releasing pigeons and tortoise is a symbolic gesture of kindness in releasing the soul. Vegetarian food are prepared by devotees and served as free food at the Buddhist temples. Buddhist devotees were reminded to emphasize on protecting the environment and as such, the use of joss-sticks was tremendously reduced to just lighting oil lamps, incense or candles only.


The Malaysian Buddhist Association in Penang is an established centre.  Its mission is to enhance and propagate research on the teachings of Buddhism. Members of the association carried out social charity and welfare work in many fields such as education and medicine. As part of Wesak celebrations, the association organised noble events such as blood donation drives, charity dinners for the under-privileged, charity donations and visits to orphanages, old folks homes, nursing homes and handicapped centres of all faith.

Wesak Day night procession is an annual event organised in Penang since 1949 until today. It was run entirely by devotee volunteers and funded through donations. The annual grand float procession usually starts at 6.00 pm in the evening, from the Malaysian Buddhist Association in Burma Road.  Penang. Buddhist devotees from all walks of life, will join and follow the procession as it passes through the surrounding temple regions before returning to the Buddhist association. Every year the procession float is beautifully decorated with colourful flowers and bright lights. The monks will be chanting prayers and sprinkling holy water throughout the procession journey.

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