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Winter Solstice Festival Celebration In GeorgeTown, Penang

The Winter Solstice (Dong Zhi) is a festival observed by most of the ethnic Chinese, particularly in high Chinese population countries like China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and major China towns in other foreign countries like USA, Australia and europe.


chinese take tang yuan on winter solstice festival According to the traditional culture inherited from the early Chinese immigrants who came from China, 'Dong Zhi' is being celebrated to mark the beginning of winter and also a reminder that another year has gone by. This festival day will follow the Lunar calendar date and falls around Christmas season every year.

It has been an annual tradition to prepare brightly colored glutinous rice balls (tang yuen) which are served in savoury soup. The purpose of adding color to the glutinous rice ball is for blessings of good fortune, prosperity, longevity, joy and wealth. The soup is sweetened with sugar and flavored with ginger or pandan leaf.

Traditionally it was believed that one grows a year older after taking 'tang yuan' on the festive day. The rounded shape of 'tang yuen' is meant for completeness like family reunion. It is a happy occasion when family members can gather together on that day and share the joy of eating 'tang yuen' together.



Winter solstice chinese festival is referred to as Dong Zhi On the eve of Winter Soltice celebration, Glutinous flour dough are sold in the market place where housewives buy them home to make 'tang yuen'. While some will just buy and take home the readily cooked and packed 'tang yuen' for convenience.



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