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Private Renal Failure Dialysis Centres In Penang

Renal failure patients are usually handicapped and encounter great difficulties when planning to go overseas for holiday vacations due to their need to go for continuous medical dialysis in order to stay alive.  The medical dialysis is a 4 hours process whereby toxic waste can be removed from the blood stream.  The requirement is as regular as once in every alternate day due to the failure of the kidneys which can no longer to perform the cleansing function.


In Penang, such medical dialysis facilities are available at most of the private hospitals as well as specially set up centres to cater for the needs of the public as well as visitors to Penang island.  Information on the set up dialysis centres should be able to help renal patients in making prior appointments with the centres before arrival in Penang.


Hospital Telephone Fax Email Contacts
Adventist Hospital 604-222 7200 604-226 3366
Island Hospital 604-228 8222 604-2267989
Loh Guan Lye Hospital 604-238 8888 604-229 0287
Lam Wah Ee Hospital 604-6528 926 -
Gleneagles Medical Centre 604-2202 103 604-2262 994
Pantai Hospital 604-6433 888 604-6432 888


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