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About Healthcare Tourism In Penang, Malaysia

Healthcare tourism, which is also referred to as medical tourism which helps one to combine physical wellness with relaxation and leisure in order to be completely rejuvenated after the entire medical treatment.

Currently medical insurance and costs are getting more costly for just about any type of medical procedure, whether it is medical test or a general practitioner visit. The trend of healthcare tourism industry is becoming increasingly popular worldwide now. Medical tourism enabled many people to get the benefit of high quality medical treatment with more competitive cost in medical expenses, while on a very beautiful and tranquil vacation. Demand for healthcare tourism is increasing globally. Competition in the new industry offered more choices for people to get treatment at lower cost.

Healthcare tourism in Malaysia is gaining recognition now. According to Nuwire Investors, Malaysia ranked among the world's top five medical tourism destinations for medical tourists and foreign investors. Malaysia has become a centre of medical excellence due to the factors of being recognized internationally for quality standards and availability of extensive diagnostic and therapeutic resources. The infrastructure and advanced healthcare facilities in Malaysia can conform to world class standards. 

Malaysia's medical professionals are highly efficient and well versed in English. This is an advantage which encouraged more patients to come from abroad to get their treatments done Malaysia.  The cost of getting the treatment done elsewhere aboard has confirmed to be comparatively more expensive, whereas the same medical treatment cost in Malaysia can be much lower, by as much as 50% of the cost abroad.  Patients can get the best possible treatment available in the country.


Many patients from neighbouring countries in South East Asian have been seeking healthcare consultations from the private hospitals in Penang due to all the conducive factors of  mentioned above.  Check on Penang Private Hospitals and Dialysis Centres for services, when there is such need for healthcare abroad.

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