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Healthcare facilities and services in Penang is well managed within health bodies approved quality standards. Both local residents and tourists can get treatments and services of the same quality standard at private medical centres and hospitals.

Yellow Fever

There is no such risk in Penang. Only tourist coming from South America and South Arica need to provide certificate of yellow fever vaccination.

Malaria And Dengue Fever

The probability of being infected is very low, and visitors are reminded to seek immediate treatment at private hospitals if the disease symptoms of high fever, cold shivering conditions, red spots, gum bleeding arise.
The hot tropical climate tend to be favourable breeding conditions for mosquitoes, but the situation is well under control in Penang island.

Weather Condition

There is no need for thick clothes as the tropical climate is sunny throughout the year with occasional rainfalls.
Use SPF-20 or SPF-30 UV protection cream is required.


Food Hygiene

Generally, the level of food hygiene throughout Penang is high.
If your body system is sensitive, avoid eating at roadside food stalls or eateries if you have doubts about cleanliness of the food handlers. Advisable to bring along your doctor's prescription of antibiotics and anti-diarhoea medication as you may not adapt to Penang hawker food. Drink only boiled water.  Do not drink tap water or from  public water dispensing units. Bottled water is easily available at grocery shops, coffee shops, restaurants and shopping malls.

Recommended Vaccinations

Poliomyelitis (booster for children)
Tetanus (booster for children)
Typhoid (food & water borne diseases)
Hepatitis A (food & water borne diseases)

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