Penang Travel Tips And Things To Do In Penang


What To Know Before Arriving In Penang / Malaysia


LOCATION: 7 degrees north of Equator, positioned south of Thailand and north of Singapore.

CLIMATE: Dry seasons from May to September; Wet seasons raining intermittently between

October and February months.

AVERAGE TEMPERATURE :  Between 22 - 34 degrees Celsius.

TIME ZONE Difference : +8 GMT


CURRENCY : Ringgit Malaysia ( RM )


Several international banks operate in Penang. Availability of foreign currency exchange transactions. Foreign currencies can be exchanged through licensed money changers in shopping malls, city areas and at reputed hotels.

LANGUAGE :   Bahasa Malaysia (Malay) is the national language. Good English and Mandarin language is widely spoken other than the local Chinese and Tamil dialects.


Most visitors, for business or pleasure, do not require a visa to enter Malaysia.
A national passport or other internationally recognised travel documents are required for entry to Penang, Malaysia.


MALAYSIAN LAW :  Death penalty for drug trafficking. Prohibited items include pornography, flick knives, broadcast receivers, goods from Israel and other dangerous animals. Visit for more information, if you have any concern.

HEALTH WARNINGS :  Visitors should only stick to bottled water, as tap water is not distilled for drinking in Malaysia.  Dengue fever may be a minor risk because of the rain. Hawker and street foods are, on the whole, clean and safe to eat. However, those with sensitive stomachs may find themselves afflicted with the odd case of diarrhoea.

CULTURAL SENSITIVITIES : As Malaysia is predominantly a Muslim country, dress conservatively, especially when visiting national monuments and places of worship. Bikinis are only permissible on the beach.

DANGER AND HAZARDS :  It is always advisable for travellers to keep an eye on Credit cards when transaction is being processed, in case there is any credit card fraud. Motorbikes may be a hazard at times on the island and visitors should always be wary of them while out walking.

ELECTRICITY AND VOLTAGE :  240 Volts AC at 50 cycles per second.

TELECOMMUNICATIONS :  Prepaid cards and IDD calls may be dialled directly using area code or through telephone operator if assistance is required. Internet services are broadly available, with free WIFI at the airport and many of the fast food outlets.

KEY ANNUAL EVENTS :   The Penang International Dragon Boat Festival: (June) the island's most exciting annual sporting event. The Penang Food Festival: (August) held yearly, and visitors can sample the best of world-renowned Penang local cuisine, while also learning how to cook it themselves. Pesta Pulau Pinang: (November/ December) an annual trade fair and exhibition featuring a carnival, live performances and cultural shows.

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