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PENANG INFORMATION - Private Unit Trust Companies In Malaysia

The Private Unit Trust Funds are managed by professional fund managers whereby the money invested by unit trust fund holders are collectively pooled together and invested with a specific goal as declared by the investment objective of the scheme.  Such investment schemes usually aim to obtain above-average returns in the form of income distributions and capital growth with reasonable risk, over medium-to-long term periods by investing in a broadly diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds or other specialized instruments.  The Unit Trust Industry in Malaysia governed by legally binding deed that is registered with the Government Securities Commission.


Malaysia - Top Ten Private Unit Trust Management Companies - As At 31 January 2011

Unit Trust Company

Fund Size (RM million)

Market Share ( % )

Public Mutual 40,931 Million 44.3  %
Aminvestment Services 12,901 Million 14.2  %
CIMP Group 12,738 Million 13.8  %
Hwang-DBS Investment Management 4,420  Million 4.9   %
OSK-UOB Unit Trust 4,140  Million 4.6   %
Hong Leong Asset Management 3,079  Million 3.8   %
Prudential Fund Management 1,991  Million 2.3   %
Pacific Mutual 1,963  Million 2.1  %
MAAKL Mutual 1,822  Million 1.9  %
RHB Investment Management 1,595  Million 1.8  %



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