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PENANG Developments - Year 2008 - 2012

The state government has taken great measures to develop both the island and mainland part of Penang in recent years. Penang has set the vision to achieve international recognition as an Intelligent City in the near future. Special task force projects have been effectively implemented to make Penang a cleaner, greener and safer place to stay and to be among the top 10 most livable destination for tourist to visit.  A few of the major outstanding performance achievements for the general welfare of the public include :

  • Provide Free Bus Shuttle transport for workers who need to travel between the island and mainland part daily, thereby easing traffic congestion in Penang Bridge.

  • Upgrading public transport infrastructure facilities

  • Achieved UNESCO Heritage Site Award in 2008 for efficiency in management and conservation of heritage buildings and culture

  • Promote and enforcement of 'no plastic bags' for environment protection benefits.

  • Programmes on providing more care for the social welfare of senior citizens and single parents and kids.

  • Emphasize on competency, accountability and transparency for all money matters related to government funds.

  • Free WiFi facilities in major public areas to enhance on information communication technologies.


Video On Penang Developments And Achievements  2008 - 2012



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