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  In Penang most of the gold and jewellery shops were concentrated in Georgetown city.  Those shops that were established in the early 1900's were located in Lebuh Campbell and operated by the Chinese who had worked very hard and started as goldsmith apprentice. 

The Indians had also learnt the goldsmith skill, but the design of their jewellery is only suitable among their own race unlike the Chinese whose jewellery designs are more innovative and universally acceptable.


PENANG - Where to find Gold Jewellery Shops In Georgetown city ?


Along Lebuh Campbell, near the end junction where the jewellery shops were established by early Chinese goldsmith :

Bun Loong Goldsmiths Sdn Bhd Sun Cheong Co Sdn bhd
Coronet Jewellery Sdn Bhd Sam Yuen Sdn Bhd
Cheong Yoon Jewellers Tai Loong Jewellers
Cheong Loong Goldsmiths Sdn Bhd Tai Meng Jewellers Sdn Bhd

Nam Loong Jewellers

Sam Heng Goldsmith
Lai Yuen Co Sdn Bhd Wing Hing Co Sdn Bhd


gold jewellery centre in georgetown,penang
Gold jewellery shops established near the end junction of Campbell Street and Carnavon Street


Along Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling  and most of the shops were established by early Indian immigrants :

Berkat Jewellers Sdn Bhd Kedai Emas Syarikat S.O. Almashoor

J.  K.  Jewellers Sdn Bhd

Syarikat Mohamed Mydin Haniffah
Wahab Jewels Sdn Bhd  


In recent years, many such jewellery branch outlets have also been set up in upscale shopping malls around Penang.


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