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The  Art  Of  Jewellery  Creation  At  Oeding-Erdel  Factory

Join OE tour to get an insight of the skill craftsman at work in the factory and see the setting of precious gem stones on platinum and gold jewellery,  piece by piece, producing works-of-art with skill and patience.

Factory Tour :  Monday - Friday, 10.00 am  - 5.00 pm


Factory Location :  Penang Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone 3  /  Tel : 604-647 1288


OE Jewellery Showrooms

All showrooms are open everyday, including Public Holidays.

Gurney Plaza ( Ground Floor )  Tel: 604-228 8908

Straits Quay  ( Ground Floor )  Tel: 604-890 1805




Oeding-Erdel (OE) Jewellery, Penang

Oeding-Erdel (OE) jewellery is established in penang

The company originates from Germany and was set up in the industrial zone of Penang in 1974, as a pioneer jewellery producer with creative innovations and advanced tool and equipment facilities.  Many of the local literate goldsmiths were recruited to join the company as OE provided an opportunity for them to develop their practical skills for more creative design works, widening their exposure to meet global challengers for finer and more fashionable jewellery.


OE is specialised in the production of platinum and gold jewellery that are set with precious stones like diamond and their products are sold locally as well as in global markets.  The company produces about 1500 creative new designs every year and they can be found in upscale stores such Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue Of New York.  The company has also awards in international trade shows.  Customers can but direct from OE showrooms in Penang.


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