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About Pewter Alloy Composition And Product Quality 

Most of us would wish to possess or buy some of those artistically designed and handcrafted pewter items as gifts or souvenirs whenever see them displayed on the shelves at retailers' shops or during travels abroad.  But what is pewter?


Pewter is a metal alloy derived by chemically mixing tin with a few other metals like copper, antimony, bismuth and lead. The metal alloy obtained after the mixing process has low melting point, depending on the percentage of the metal composition. Tin is the main metal component, traditionally using as high as 85 % tin in producing high grade metal alloy. Low grade pewter alloy contains high percentage of lead metal as lead price is cheap and easily available.

pewter is an alloy metal containing tin and copper Traditionally low grade pewter had been widely used as lead price was comparatively much cheaper and easier to work with. As advanced developments in scientific research has confirmed that addition of lead in pewter is highly dangerous, today's pewter drink mugs and tableware are produced without using lead in the alloy composition. It is also advisable to obtain confirmation from the manufacturers in the form of product specification brochures or certificates before using the purchased product for dinning or drinking purposes.

Pewter alloy is highly ductile and very suitable for carving and embossing work. During the Middle Ages pewter had been highly prized and used for making tableware and decorative items before being replaced later by new developments in glass-making industries.

Today with innovations of new technologies, skill and talented craftsman and creative designers, pewter producers have gained global standard recognition in the field as decorative and essential objects ranging from home & living to wine & dine. The common gift or souvenir items are collectible statuettes and figurines, game figures, models of aircraft, replica coins, pendants, photo frames, mugs, music box, coin box, bookmarks, name-card holder, baby accessories, tableware, and all other artistic creations.

Pewter is highly reactive with acidic liquid due to presence of other metals in the alloy composition. It should be promptly washed with liquid soap and warm water when exposed or contaminated with vinegar or other acidic fruit juice, like lemon juice. Never scrub or use abrasive on pewter, otherwise scratches will appear and damage the surface finishing of the product. It best to wash using water that is not hard and wipe dried immediately. As pewter can melt at low temperature, avoid exposure to extreme heat too.


Visit 'Royal Selangor' show house  at STRAITS QUAY to learn more about pewter craftsman works.

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