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Penang Sightseeing Attractions At Clan Jetties, Weld Quay


Clan Jetty was reclaimed in early 20th century as a new seafront settlement area, known as today's Weld Quay in George Town surroundings. The Clan Jetty here consists of a collection of houses built on stilts , forming the clan village. The houses here were built using wooden materials by the early immigrant settlers who mostly worked as port labourers and coolies. They could not afford to buy land with their meagre earnings. These houses here have been homes of families with the same surname (or family name), meaning that those staying at the 'Chew Jetty' will all have the surname as 'Chew'. The remaining prominent family surnames at the clan jetties are 'Chew', 'Lee', 'Lim', 'Tan', and 'Yeoh'; though a minority of other mixed family surname clans still stay there too.

  Today there are only 7 major clan jetties remaining along the waterfront at Weld Quay as most of them have made way for new developments. Most the descendants from the Clan Jetties have moved out to start their own family when new progressive developments in the Penang state enabled them to upgrade for better education and employment opportunities. It is great to know that most of them still observe and honour the Chinese filial piety teachings and religious cultures which were taught by their parents and grand parents. Whenever there is any major festival at the clan jetties, all the clan family members both young and old, will gather together for celebration.

The most significant festival celebrations are 'Hungry Ghost Festival' on the 7th Lunar Month; and 'Phai Thee Khong' on 8th and 9th day of the Chinese New Year , 1st lunar month. Visitors planning to visit Penang are encouraged to check on these 2 annual festival dates from PENANG FESTIVAL CALENDAR to join in the fun of celebration when coming for vacation holiday here.

Clan Jetties Waterfront Promenade will become a new esplanade under George Town Special Area Plan proposal. It will cover a distance of 670 meters on the southern part of Weld Quay to form a boundary for the proposed Clan Jetty Parks. Visitors will be able to catch the first sight of George Town heritage culture from the location of the Clan Jetties Waterfront Promenade.

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