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Location  :    Cannon Square   /   Lebuh Acheh    /    Lebuh Armenian 


Heritage Buildings In UNESCO World Heritage Site In Georgetown City, Penang


UNESCO World heritage site in Georgetown,penang

Khoo Kongsi :   No.18 ,  Cannon  Square

A Chinese architectural assembly hall built between 1894 and 1906, representing the opulence and prosperity of the Khoo clan. Guardian statues laid at the entrance provided security with preservation of decorative arts of Chinese culture within the 'Kongsi' premises.

Visiting Hours:  9.00 am - 5.00 pm

Yap Kongsi :  Lebuh  Armenian

House for the ancient tablets of the Yap clan, was completed in 1924

Georgetown world heritage site building in penang

 Dr Sun Yat Sen's Base In Penang,

Located At .120,  Lebuh  Armenian

The building was once the base set up by Chinese immigrants to support Dr Sun Yat Sen's operations to  free China from feudalism. Collections of Dr Sun's personal effects are displayed in the gallery.

Cheah Kongsi : No. 8,  Lebuh  Armenian

Temple building complete during 1870s, tracing back to the oldest Hokkien clan in Penang
The temple features classic Chinese architecture.
Visiting Hours :  9.00 am - 5.00 pm


Lebuh Acheh Mosque :   Lebuh Acheh

Founded in 1808 by a wealthy Achehnese, serving Muslims from Northern Sumatera, Southern Thailand and Northern Peninsula Malaysia.


Islamic Museum ( Syed Alatas Mansion ) :  No. 128,  Lebuh  Armenian

Built in 1860 and converted into an Islamic Museum to educate about the heritage of Penang's Muslim community.
Visiting Hours :  9.00 am - 5.30 pm ;   Closed on Tuesday

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