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PENANG MAINLAND - AutoCity Business And Entertainment Centre

autocity juru is located on mainland penang

Penang - AutoCity Juru, Mainland

AutoCity is located off the highway in the region of Juru on the mainland of Penang. The vibrant venue is just 5 minutes drive through the North-South Highway (Kuala Lumpur/Ipoh sign) after crossing Penang Bridge.  It is a prominent lifestyle venue with vast array of restaurants, niche market at night, automobile show house and venue for regular festivals and events. A free WIFI hotspot centre for leisure, social meetings and entertainments, day and night.  Three major foreign banks are conveniently located in this region. They are Citibank, HSB and Standard Chartered Bank.

The place is a real favorite after-work hang-out for locals working on the mainland, where the stressed factory and office workers unwind at the bars and eateries which remain open until the wee hours.  From far, Auto City appeared to be a massive car showroom, and this is indeed how its development started. 


Auto City Carnival 2013 will be held from September 14 - 15, featuring the fabulous and spectacular car show, auto parade, competition, demonstrations and auto accessories products. Mean Machine 2013, Malaysia's largest exhibition of performance motorsports will be held for 2 days.


Early reservation for dinner tables at the upscale restaurants is necessary ahead of declared public holidays and  festive event celebrations.  Every year Auto City has become a favorite gathering venue for count-down on the eve of Christmas  and a New Year arrival.

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