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PENANG Bird Park Nature Study And Mainland Attractions

Penang Bird Park Nature Study

This park is recommended for those who love nature study and green environment surroundings. Here you can find more than 300 species of colourful birds. Half of them are bred in Malaysia , while the rest of the species are brought over from other parts of the world. The surroundings in the park is relaxing and comfortable, especially for those who love watching birds and taking photographs.  The garden is beautifully landscaped with vast varieties of tropical plants like hibiscus, orchids, cactus, palm trees, bamboo, and a pond which is full of lotus plants.


The bird park is situated in Seberang Jaya town, on the mainland part of Penang, about 5-minutes drive from Penang Bridge Toll  Plaza, after crossing Penang Bridge. Swan, pelicans, storks, herons and those playful waterfowls roam freely in natural ponds formed by cascading waterfalls. Some of the other common bird species include macaws, parrots, pheasants, hornbills, birds-of-prey, finches, sunbirds, soft-bills and kingfishers. Bird huts of various shapes and traditional Malay architectural designs are scattered around the park.


Admission Fees: Adult  @  RM29.00  ;  Children (Age Below 12 Years)  @  RM15.00   ;  Camera @ RM1.00 

Food :  There is a restaurant in the park to cater for food and beverages.

Public Bus Transport:  Take 'Rapid Penang' Bus route number 709 from Butterworth Ferry Terminal



Penang Travel Tips

Accommodation is available at 'Sunway Hotel' and 'Safira Club' chalets which are both located in the same area as the bird park. Next to the park are temples of various religions and light industry factories.  'Sunway Carnival Mall' is just next to 'Sunway Hotel'.  Staying one night in Seberang Jaya town after your visit to the bird park may enable you to see the people's living culture in this mainland part of Penang, which is known as Province Wellesley.


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