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PENANG  - Botanic Garden Walk

PENANG BOTANICAL GARDEN - Living Habitat Of Monkeys


penang natures attraction at botanic garden

The botanic gardens were created in 1884 by the British for collection and research study on  rare botanic specimens from surrounding hills.  The garden area was also referred to as 'Waterfall Gardens' as there a cascading waterfall in the park.


Local folks enjoy strolling in this refreshing ambience which is close to nature, landscaped with  tropical plants and flowers , lily ponds and waterfalls.  The garden surroundings are also living habitats of monkeys. Visitors are advised  to refrain from feeding the monkeys as the animals can get out of control when the group gets larger to get  feeding.


Expansion projects have been implemented and completed in stages to upgrade the surroundings with an eco-steam walk. The expansion project started in year 2008 and has been completed after completion of a new pavilion The pavilion will provide facilities for a car park, an administrative office and a centre for visitors to the botanical gardens located at Jalan Air Terjun, GeorgeTown.

The facade, which housed a water garden referred to as "Dataran Teratai", has seven ponds in which Victoria Amazonica lilies are planted. The water lily plants bear flowers which turn from white to pink after full bloom,  The leaves are about 127 cm width and can possibly reach maximum size of 1.8 metre. There are many other unique plant species like Typhonodorum lindleyanum (known as giant yam plant) from Magadascar, Sagittaria cordifolia (an aquatic plant) and different colours of water lily plant.

Surrounding walkways will make it easy for visitors to move around the facade areas without stepping on the grass.  There is also a  footpath of about 274 metres long, as a special facility for the handicapped to move around easily.

Opening Hours: 5.00 am - 8.00 pm 

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