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Penang Bridge, measuring about 13.5 km, is one of the longest bridge in the world. The symmetrical fan-shaped centre span construction that rises to a height of 225 metres base been uniquely designed.
This is also known to be the longest bridge in South-East Asia, linking the Penang island to the mainland of peninsula Malaysia.

Penang people previously had only one travel option when travelling between the island and mainland of Penang, and that is by Ferry. In the early 1980's when the state became more and more industrialised with the setting up of many factories in Bayan Lepas Free Trade Zone areas, the construction of Penang Bridge was initiated to cope with the mass increase in traffic.

The bridge construction work took about five years to complete and was officially opened on 15 September 1985. Driving across the bridge takes about 15 minutes at 80 km maximum speed. Traffic flow is smooth except on festive public holidays, before and after work hours. In 2010, the project on widening bridge from 2 lanes to 3 lanes traffic flow was completed to ease heavy traffic congestion.


Penang Bridge Marathon The bridge is opened all the year round, except on the sports event day of "The Penang Bridge International Marathon". Both local and international runners are attracted to participate in the marathon every year. The marathon is divided into 4 categories, that is, Full Marathon, Half Marathon, Quarter Marathon and Fun Run. High tech timing devices are used to provide accurate speed measurements during the marathon. Penang Bridge International Marathon is now a signature event of Penang.


Penang Travel Tips : 

If you are staying around Georgetown or the northern regions, you can consider crossing over to the mainland part of Penang, by ferry and then drive back via Penang Bridge.  Penang ferry trip is about 20 minutes and the fare is only RM7.70 for 2-way trip.  Bridge toll is RM7.00.  But you only need to pay either the ferry fare or bridge toll since payment for both services is collected at the terminals on mainland only.


Perhaps when you are in mainland Penang, you may drive over to Juru Auto City, which is a food haven with  multi national cuisine restaurants and drinking pubs.  To reach Juru Auto City, you need to follow the North-South Highway near Penang Bridge toll, about 5 minutes drive from there.  And if you are staying around the southern part of Penang, then you should go via Penang Bridge and then return by ferry. 

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