PENANG HILL - Bukit Bendara

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During the colonial times, Penang Hill used to be retreat resort for the European administrators who would escape from the bustle and heat of Georgetown.

Penang hill, also known as 'Bukit Bendera' in local Malay language, is located about 830 metres above sea level, a favourite tourist spot where you can capture clear panoramic view of the city. A funicular train can get you to the hill top, surrounded by lush greenery all the way up.  The train station is located in Air Itam region, 15 minutes drive away from Georgetown.

The funicular train cabin is fully air-conditioned with comfortable seat and back rest made of wood, The train ride from the base station to the hilltop takes about 15 minutes, smooth and relaxing. Along the way, the train stops at designated stations to drop off passengers, usually the local hillside residents. Majority of them are vegetable farmers.

As the slopes of Penang Hill is gradual, a jeep track for 4x4 wheel drive vehicles had been constructed as an alternative route for tourist who wish to go up the hill in private groups and with more flexible arrangements.  The jeep track is located at the Botanical Garden within the city regions.  And while in the Botanical Gardens, you can also take a walking tour in a landscaped environment of green tropical plants and flowers. 


Upon arriving at the hill summit, you will get the feel of cool breeze and breathing of unpolluted fresh air. Moving around the hill you can view colonial villas, beautiful flower gardens and a mini bird park. There are bungalows, guest houses and a hotel where you can stay for a rejuvenating vacation.

Local trackers very frequently organise hiking groups to hike up the hill instead of taking the train. There are 3 hiking trails, but the more preferred trail starts off from "MOONGATE' which is located in the Botanical Garden, about 10 minutes to drive from Georgetown.  It takes about 3 hours to reach the hill top, depending on your stamina. Such hiking activity is frequently organised by school societies and youth groups. The alternative hiking  track starts from Penang Municipal Park, which is also near the botanic region.




Penang Travel Tips: Getting Around

The 'Rapid Penang' bus (No.U204) goes from Weld Quay ferry terminal to Penang Hill station in Air Itam district, after passing through various stops on the way from Georgetown city area.

Accommodation :  Bellevue Penang Hill Hotel ;  Tel : 04-604-4006;  Rates : RM150 - RM220++

Food : David Brown's Restaurant, serves fine British cooking and a selection of Penang Special Cuisine in a  beautiful cool garden, facing the panoramic view of the island below.


Funicular Train Schedule  : 6.30am - 9.00 pm

Train Service Enquiry Call : 6 04-828 3263


Entrance Fee


Children ( Age 3 - 12 Years )







Malaysian Senior Citizen & Students



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