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Location :  UNESCO World Heritage Site, GeorgeTown City Penang


Penang Khoo Kongsi is located within Cannon Square, the early Chinese immigrant settlement regions within Georgetown Heritage Zone. 'Kongsi' in local Hokkien dialect literally means association, meaning the only clan members with the same family surname of 'Khoo' can  register to become associated members of the 'kongsi'. In the past, Chinese immigrants who migrated from the same village district in China hometown, mostly came from the same home district (clan ) and usually carried the same family or clan surname.  Ancestral tables of deceased members of Khoo Kongsi can be placed at the altar there for family members to pay their respect when visiting the temple during Chinese festive memorial occasions. This clanhouse is truly a unique heritage site of bygone era Chinese architecture and deco craftsmanship.


khoo kongsi listed in UNESCO World heritage site, georgetown Penang Khoo Kongsi was a Chinese architectural assembly hall built between 1894 and 1906, representing the opulence and prosperity of the Khoo clan.  Guardian statues laid at the entrance provided security with preservation of decorative arts of Chinese culture within the 'Kongsi' premises.  Big Chinese lanterns with written Chinese characters can be seen hanging from the ceiling structures in front of the main entrance.

The exterior architectural design of this famous historical heritage building had been elaborately decorated with Chinese ornaments as a very grand temple, signifying the dominance of 'Khoo' clans in Penang at that time. A traditional puppet show theatre and the pre-war residential houses built were built during the 19th century in the immediate vicinity of  'Khoo Kongsi heritage hall. Narrow and winding lanes served as walkways within Khoo Kongsi and the surrounding heritage houses.

 This famous Khoo Kongsi temple and the surrounding pre-war buildings had been featured in TV documentary shows. The palpable old charm of the 19th clan settlement was also chosen to be the main movie filming location by 'Twentieth Century Fox' movie producer for 'Anna And The King' movie. It was an entertaining drama of East meets the West,  performed by leading star Jodie Foster and Hong Kong celebrated actor Chow Yun-Fat.


Penang Travel Tips :

Visitors can also visit other different heritage architectural buildings located nearby, within the same zone along Lebuh Armenian and Lebuh Acheh.  The 'GeorgeTown Heritage Incorporated' management support office is at Lebuh Acheh junction where visitors can drop by for enquiries.


Penang Getting Around GeorgeTown

Penang Public Bus Service - By Rapid Penang Sdn Bhd

Bus Route Numbers :  CAT ,  301 ,  302 ,  303 ,  401

' CAT ' is  the City Hop-On Free Shuttle Bus , which goes around designated heritage zone of GeorgeTown Heritage Site . 


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