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Penang Municipal Park, commonly known as Youth Park, is located in same regions close to Penang Botanical Garden. The location is about 15 minutes driving distance from Georgetown city area. The environment is close to nature with various types of exotic plants and beautiful landscaping.
penang municipal park is known as youth park The park is within security focus all round and considerably a safe place for walking strolls, jogging, outdoor activities and gathering functions. Within the vicinity of the park surroundings is a gradual low hill slope where the local people will hike to top as exercise in leisure time. It only take about 15 - 20 minutes to reach the top and sweat out their daily work stress. Facilities like wash rooms, exercise equipments for body stretching in open air, and skating rink are provided by the municipal council. Schools in Penang and youth groups would usually organise their outdoor activities and gathering functions in the vicinity of the park.


Seven walls will be built to upgrade the place to a graffiti park, providing a space for people, especially younger generations, to unleash their creativity of thinking by spraying paints on the walls. The wall size are 9 metre and 15 metre square. Budding artist can then express their talents openly, interact, discuss and exchange ideas in art creation. It is open to all age groups and races.


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