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PENANG NATIONAL PARK  -  Taman Negara Pulau Pinang                                           

Taman Negara Pulau Pinang ( known as Penang National Park) lies in the northwest coast of Penang Island in Teluk Bahang. The exact location is at the end of Batu Ferringhi Road, near the fishing village.  It is only about 20 km from Georgetown city.

penang national park is taman negara pulau pinang

At the national park there are many species of flora and fauna, both rare and endangered species. The surrounding beach is a nesting site for turtles. There are no roads to the park, only trekking trails and walkways. The 1265 hectares of land area include coastal hill terrain. mangroves, sandy beaches, rocky shore and mudflats.


Within the  vicinity of the park surroundings is a natural lake, about 1 square kilometer in size. The park is considered as a tropical rainforest with many bird species, green turtles, flying lemurs, flying squirrels and crawling insects. Some of the plants species include rare orchids, ferns pitcher plants, fungi, palm trees and thick mangrove. This hilly and forested reserve is an important catchment area for fresh water.

The uneven terrain, challenging slopes and rocky terrain has become an ideal place for jungle trekking and observation of the wildlife in their natural habitat. The most challenging trails are sited on hilly terrains at heights of more than 75 metres.  Trekking the national park provides an opportunity to experience and explore the national park's many facets and habitats.


Penang National Park : Trail Guide  (7.30 am -  6.00 pm )

Trek Estimated Distance Estimated Time Site Activities & Facilities
Pasir Pandak 490 meter 10 minutes swimming
Sungai Teluk Tukun 940 meter 15 minutes swimming, fishing, camping
USM Cemac 1650 meter 35 minutes swimming, fishing, research
Pantai Teluk Aling 2000 meter 40 minutes swimming, fishing, research
Teluk Duyung (Monkey Beach) 3400 meter 1 hour 15 minutes swimming, fishing, camping, wildlife
Muka Head Light House 4670 meter 1 hour 45 minutes hiking, wildlife,
Pantai Kerachut 3400 meter 1 hour 20 minutes swimming, fishing, camping, wildlife observation;  Turtle Conservation Centre
Teluk Kampi 4900 meter 2 hours hiking only, no camping


There is no accommodation facilities for camping at the park, except for those on specially organised and structured programme for nature study and research education purposes.


Visiting trekkers can have the choice of staying at beach resort hotels, budget hotels or apartments located along the beach regions of Batu Ferringhi which is nearby.



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