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PENANG  -  Pulau Jerejak

pulau jerejak is jerejak island of penang Pulau Jerejak, a small island situated to south-east of Penang, is full of historical events. It was once a Quarantine centre for those stricken with leprosy and tuberculosis in those early days when medical treatments was still not available to prevent the diseases from spreading. Later when the 2 contagious diseases were suppressed, the quarantine centre was left vacant and then converted to prisoners camp to house criminal convicts.

The prison blocks have also been destroyed now, leaving only 2 historical blocks for visitors' viewing. Today the island has been developed into a holiday & spa resort, in the ambience of rich tropical flora and fauna. The untouched jungle surrounded by tropical trees and plants is refreshing and inspiring, awaiting intrepid trekkers to explore them.

Pulau Jerejak can be viewed clearly from the coastal regions in South Penang, and takes about 15 minutes to cross over by ferry.  'Jerejak Rainforest Resort' provides comfortable accommodation together with meals, room rates

within RM160-RM230. The island offers endless opportunities for observation of rare tropical flora and fauna. Walking trails are exciting and relaxing in the green environment with birds flying pass and various lizard species crossing past.


Guided tours can be arranged for various walking trails. The shortest trail is only 3 km passing through the remaining prison blocks, with a scenic view of the hills and Penang island. The remain 4 trails involve going up the hill slopes and the trekking distances varies from 1000 - 2400 km, passing through tropical forest and leading to suspension bridge.


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