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Dr Sun-Yet-San' s Base In Penang History

Dr Sun-Yet-San's Historical Base In Penang, 1870

Dr Sun-Yet-San's Political Base In Penang

The heritage building of Dr Sun Yet San's base in Penang is located at No.120 Armenian Street in Georgetown

Heritage city.  The building was set up by the patriotic Chinese immigrant settlers in support of  Dr Sun Yet San's  second uprising activities for Guangzhou revolution in 1911.  He was referred as the founding Father of Republican China.


Grants were awarded to restore and conserve the heritage building as well as historical base in honour of the great man who freed China from feudalism.  The Chinese ethnic community have high respect for the revolutionary political leader and converted the base building into a gallery museum to preserve and display Dr Sun Yet San's personal effects.


The physical restoration work was focused on the porch and the facade. The facade was restored to include a beautifully crafted series of tactile decorations on the roof panels, featuring flowers, birds, mountains and water.

The completed facade helps distinguish the building from the neighbouring china man type of shops, art gallery house and a heritage boutique hotel, located in the quiet street.


The local historical team members facilitate the process of tracing the heritage trail of Dr Sun Yet San's during his operations in Penang. He stayed in Penang for 4 months during that period.




Penang Public Bus Service - By Rapid Penang Sdn Bhd

Bus Route Numbers :  CAT ,  301 ,  302 ,  303 ,  401

' CAT ' is  the City Hop-On Free Shuttle Bus , which goes around designated heritage zone of GeorgeTown Heritage Site



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