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The 'SNAKE TEMPLE' in Penang was built in 1850, dedicated to a legendary monk with healing powers who had provided shelter to shield snakes from danger in the olden days. And since then, it remained as a historical legend that those snakes came from nearby jungle and stayed within the surroundings of the temple for safety until today.

Penang snake temple is in bayan lepas The legendary Buddhist monk was a Chinese who lived during the Sung Dynasty from the year 960 - 1279. Due to his devotion to doing good deeds during his life, he was conferred the tile of 'Chor Soo Kong' God, worshipped by the Chinese devotees throughout the century.

The birthday of  'Chor Soo Kong' God falls on the sixty day of the Chinese New Year according to the Lunar calendar. The local Chinese devotees as well as those who in Penang for holiday would take the opportunity to visit the temple and pray to the legendary God for good health and luck in the new lunar year.


Penang Travel Tips :

The Snake Temple is located within the surroundings of Penang's industrial region in the southern part of Penang, with many large multi-national corporations such as 'Intel', 'AMD', 'Agilent' and 'Dell' factories nearby.  Driving distance from Penang Airport is about 15 minutes. There are stalls selling fresh tropical fruits and Penang's special  food products, eateries and souvenir shop in the immediate vicinity of the Snake Temple.


Driving further south, the next sightseeing destination will be Batu Maung, which used to be a fishing village, but now more developed with new residential houses and shop-houses. Penang War Museum and the famous Teluk Tempoyak Seafood Restaurant is located in Batu Maung.


Penang Public Bus Transport  - Rapid Penang Bus Company


Penang Ferry Jetty (Pengkalan Weld) at Weld Quay in GeorgeTown is the main station for all public buses.


Bus Route No. Routes  And  Destinations
102 Jetty  -  Sungei Nibong  -  Snake Temple  - Teluk Bahang  -  Batu Ferringhi  -  Tanjung Bungah
305 Jetty  -  Sungei Nibong  -  Snake Temple  -  Batu Maung (War Museum & Teluk Tempoyak)
306 JJetty  -General Hospital  -  PISA  -  Bayan Baru  -  Snake Temple 
401/td> Jetty  -  GeorgeTown Heritage Site  -  Snake Temple -  Sungai Nibong
401 E Jetty  -  General Hospital  -  Jerejak Island Jetty  - QueensBay  -  PISA&n  -  Snake Temple

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