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PENANG - Things To Do And Places To Visit In Penang

Places to visit and things to do in penang

Penang, being ranked among Top 10 as the best place to stay in Asia, is an amazing island to choose as a holiday destination. The island is livability not only for the lucky citizens, but also for vacationers on holiday.  The livability package in Penang include safety and security, quality public services, good medical care, green spacious environment and lower stress, cultural events, sports and social facilities, education hub, heritage conservation , proper waste disposal and recycling, and environment protection activities.  There lots of activities which may wish to consider doing when planning your holiday, whether for long vacation or just short visit stay.


The Regional Map Of Penang will help in planning your sightseeing activities so that you can visit as many places of attractions as possible when you reach the destination.

Sightseeing Visit Georgetown Heritage site, northern shoreline, southern regions and mainland
Shopping Shop in upscale shopping centres, street markets, night markets and wet markets
Little India Walk around or take a trishaw ride to see the business culture of the Indian race
Food Try Penang Hawker food, fresh tropical fruits, sea food and know where to find
Spa / Reflexology / Massage Relax , refresh and revitalize
Sea Cruise Join the 1-night cruise and tour the sea waters around Penang
 Penang Bridge & Ferry Tour Take a ferry to Mainland and return via Penang Bridge. Or vice versa
Pulau Jerejak Resort Cross over by ferry and stay at the rainforest resort for trekking and rejuvenation
Straits Quay Marina Visit the upscale marina & located in Tanjong Tokong, in north-east coast
Pewter Workshop Enrol for 1/2 hour workshop in pewter craftsman work in Straits Quay
Jewellery Factory Tour Get an insight into the fine art of jewellery making at OE factory in Straits Quay.

Botanic Gardens Take a walk in the refreshing ambience close to nature
Penang Municipal Park Adjourn from the botanic gardens to the Graffiti park to see youth creativities.
Penang Hill Take a 10 minutes train up the hill, surrounded by tropical trees and flowers.
Taman Metropolitan Park An Eco-Tourism Park with durian estate nearby, ideal for jogging,trekking & tai-chi
Kek-Lok-Si Temple Visit a very famous historical temple built at the hill side, like 'Shaolin' temple

Night Entertainments

disco pubs, cafes, bars, karaoke, night street markets, cinemas, sea cruise
Golf Tournament A world class 18-hole Golf course, Penang Golf Club in Bukit Jambul, Penang
Cycling  / Trishaw Tour Rent a bicycle and cycle around Georgetown or sit back and relax on trishaw tour
Hiking / Trekking Can consider the trekking trails of  Penang Municipal Park, Penang Hilll and the Penang National Park  which is most exciting.
Penang National Park A favourite trekking spot in the north coast, with camping site as well.
Penang Beach Activities Go for suntan, water sports, reflexology or relax and chill over a glass of fruit juice
Spice Garden Trails & Cooking Hand-on cooking class and walking trails in tropical spice garden, in Penang beach regions
Tropical Fruit Farm Tour the eco-agro tourism farm with many varieties of tropical fruit trees
Museum & Art Gallery To learn about Penang's history, art, culture and heritage

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