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Penang state consist of the island and strip of land of about 760 sq km located within peninsula Malaysia, named Province Wellesley. Penangites usually refer to the peninsular region as Mainland Penang where Butterworth, Seberang Jaya and Bukit Mertajam are the major town districts. Travelling distance between the island and mainland is facilitated by the heritage Penang Ferry and Penang Bridge, taking about 15 minutes per trip.
There are many tourist attractions around the small island, such as the nice sandy beaches along the northern coast, lush greenery in the botanic parks and national park, GeorgeTown UNESCO Heritage Conservation Site and the multi ethnic architectural heritage buildings and temples. The enlarged regional map provides clear directions to help tourists who are planning to stay and relax at beach resort hotels during their visits.



regional map of penang island and mainland

Regional Map Of The North Coastal Regions And Beach Resort Hotel Location

By just driving 40 minutes towards the northern region, you will soon arrive at be the famous beaches along the island coast where all the beach resort hotels are located. A 1-Day 'round Penang island ' trip may be too short and rush, but you may take back lots of tropical life style experiences when you leave the vibrant island. It's so intriguing that you may be relaxing on beach and yet close to the city. Amazingly, the best of both world is waiting for you to explore. 
regional map of penang northern coastal regions


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