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EDIBLE  BIRD'S  NEST -  Market  Demand  And  Medical  Research

processed clean bird nest supply from penang  Edible Bird's Nest is a dessert delicacy which is consumed by most Asians and used to be considered as a symbol of success and high status as not everyone can simply afford to buy. Medical research has been carried out, reporting that the enzyme and hormone present in bird's nest can stimulate reproduction and rebirth of human cells, effective results being observed when consumed by children as well as weak and sick person. Nutritients that can be obtained by consuming bird's nest are carbohydrates, protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron and iodine.



  The original source of supply for bird's nests is collected from dark and low humidity caves, the natural habitat of the 'Aerodramus Fuciphagus' swiftlet bird specie, which used saliva to make nest before laying eggs for hatching. The nest building process is long, takes about 30 days or more to complete. The collection and supply of these edible nest started off as a cottage style operation and grow rapidly into a 'swiftlet farming' industry by studying and constructing cave-like structure environment in specially constructed buildings to provide more nesting habitats for the  swiftlet bird population to grow.


Hence, the supply of birds' nests is increased when more purpose-built cave farm houses are built to lure swiftlets to stay and hatch the eggs there. The swiftlets are not caged as they simply fly in out by their own natural instinct. Amplified sounds of swiftlet chirping and mating are continuously played throughout the day with speakers installed within the building in order to attract more swiftlet to nest inside the buildings. Light intensity, humidity levels, air flow & pressure levels, required swiftlet odour and flight path are the main factors which must be carefully implemented in the farm house in order to successfully lure and increase the swiftlet population in the farm house. House-keeping and other rival pest control must be taken care off as well, otherwise the swiftlet may migrate elsewhere.


And Bird's Nest farming is now a growing industry in Penang as well as other peninsula states in Malaysia. Bird's Nest is either sold in it's original state after harvesting ; or in processed form after going through the tedious process of removing birds' feathers and cleaning.


If you are interested to find reliable source of supply for quality edible bird's nest in Penang, please send your enquiries to : and be rest assured that the product is 100% chemical free.

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